The Parent Trap

I deal with a lot of parents in my job and as a parent myself I always try and give them the benefit of the doubt, because I know they are advocating for their child. But this week has been rough. I had two parents who were really upset about the decisions we had to make about the preschool’s return to school.  One of our classes was too large so I emailed a mom to tell her that I would be moving her child to another classroom, something all parents had been told was a possibility.  She really ripped into me, telling me that she would not be flexible, she would not move him, and that someone else’s kid should have to go. This was followed about two hours later by a parent who called me and complained about the fact that preschoolers are going for only four days when we return in April.  This decision was made for logistical reasons, one being that we don’t have subs for IEP meetings on Wednesdays. She claimed that she did not care about IEP meetings and did not think her child should have to “suffer” for them.  Hello, your child is getting free preschool four days a week. 

Advocate for your kid? Absolutely. Be rude and demanding? Please don’t.


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