F—ing printer!

My husband is one of the most patient people I know. Not much bothers him. He eats whatever I put in front of him for dinner, tolerates any kind of weather, is unruffled by traffic and most things in general.

Except for technology. He hates technology. He likes it in a “can’t live without it” kind of way but if the least little thing goes wrong he goes a kind of crazy. He has spent the last few days trying to install a new printer. For some reason this printer would print from my laptop but it not from the desk top. And if you look at the menu, everything said “ready to print” and “printer installed”.  It really was a puzzle. But not one that Jeff wanted to solve. He sits in front of the computer mumbling things like “I hate these f—-ing things.”  “I just want to throw all of this stuff away.”  I never see him as agitated as I do when he is in front of technology and it’s not working correctly. It is very satisfying for me in a way, because I am normally the impatient one but for some reason I am more tolerant of technology.  So tonight I sat down at the desk top, went into a bunch of different menus, clicked on a bunch of different buttons and voila!  Printer working. Damn that felt good.


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