Best of Both Worlds

The beginning of Spring Break. One of every educator’s favorite days.  I don’t know how the powers that be figured out so long ago how necessary it would be to have a break in teaching right around this time of year. But they did. They have probably saved the sanity of many teachers.  And I love spring break, just like summer break and winter break. And long weekends.  But I find that I am always happy to go back to work. I love the energy of the office and the school buildings. I enjoy getting to know all the staff I work with and figuring out what their strengths and challenges are. I like problem solving and strategizing with other team members. I love working together to determine how to meet the needs of children and seeing students succeed because of our efforts.  

The thing I find challenging about the first day of Spring Break is acting like it is the first day of Spring Break. It’s always hard to slow down.  So I am going to try and chill and enjoy this time off before it’s time to go back, which will come soon enough and that will be ok wth me.

Best of both worlds.


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