We are actually thinking of taking a trip for Spring Break. It almost feels like a naughty thing to do. We haven’t left the state in over a year except for a long weekend in Michigan. So I keep thinking that going somewhere for a real vacation is bad thing.  But, we are both vaccinated and with everything trending in the right direction (exception: Miami) it seems like an OK thing to do. We wanted someplace that we could drive to in a day and a half maximum and that we have never visited. Answer? Nebraska! That may sound crazy but there is a crane migration that happens every year around this time along the Platte River and it’s quite well known and supposedly fantastic to watch. Over 400,000 cranes stop at this same place every year to rest and fatten up for their journey to the Arctic.  The pictures look amazing and I’m excited to see it.  Of course I’m equally excited at the idea of getting out of the house!


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