TV as Reality?

I was talking to some friends a few months ago, before the second wave of Covid. We had taken the opportunity, during a lull in the nightmare, to get together.  We started talking about TV shows we were watching. And one of my friends said “You know how you get so into a show that you think it’s real life?”  Now the example she used was Breaking Bad, wich led us to tease her about being a meth cook and dealer. But she had a good point. A really great TV show can pull you in, especially when you are watching episodes night after night. I find myself some days thinking “I wonder what is going to happen on Mad Men/Ted Lasso/Downton Abbey/Sopranos/Bridgerton etc. etc. tonight.” (Well, I think we know what’s going to happen on Bridgerton…..) Sometimes I get a little worried about myself and my sense of reality. Why am I thinking about TV in the middle of a work day?  Do I think I’m a member of the New Jersey Italian mafia? Am I an English duchess from the 1800’s?  What’s up with that?  But on further reflection I have decided that TV is a good escape from reality and when the shit is hitting the fan during the day it’s nice to think about someone else’s problems and know they are not mine.


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