Luck of the Irish

Many things remind me of my mom and one of them is St. Patrick’s Day.  She was born in Dun Laoghaire, which is a small town just outside of Dublin. The Irish have a reputation for being drinkers and people who like to have a good time.  My mother did not subscribe to this stereotype. She had seen too many of her family members descend into alcoholism and, while not a teetotaler she was a very occasional drinker. Another stereotype of the Irish is their no nonsense approach to parenting. Now we’re talking. I did not know this as a child but when I look back I see that indeed she was the typical Irish parent. She clearly loved us but she did not ever coddle us. We were not allowed to stay home from school unless we were throwing up or running a fever.  I can remember on more than one occasion the school secretary calling home to tell my mom that I had indeed thrown up or that I was running a fever.  Only then did I get the coveted go home pass.  You fell down?  Get back up.  You’re  tired? Go to bed. Her brand of parenting made me the resilient person I am today, which is a positive. The fact that I rarely call in sick unless I am vomiting or running a fever?  Can’t take a mental health day?  Maybe not so positive.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!


4 thoughts on “Luck of the Irish

  1. I think your Irish mother would have gotten on with my very non-religious Jewish mother. My brother, sister, and I were not coddled either, not allowed to stay home sick unless we were sick. And when I asked why we had to go to school on Jewish holidays when other Jewish kids stayed home, my mother asked, “are you going to synagogue?” If not, then we had to go to school.


  2. Your mom sounds like a great mom! My mom was also the no-nonsense type of mom. (“Your elbow hurts when you move it? Then don’t move it.”) I rarely take sick days, I’m sure in part to her. I HAVE been known to take a Mental Health day once in a while though. 🙂 ~JudyK


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