Grief at Any Age

My uncle is most likely going to die soon. He is 96 years old. At that age it is certainly not a tragedy and in a way it will be a blessing. He has had dementia for a couple of years and his life is pretty limited now.  My dad is the youngest of 5 boys.  He and his brother are the only ones still living. So once this brother dies that will be it. And as old as 96 is, losing the last member of your nuclear family is a sad milestone.  My dad talks about it every day. He gives me an update on his brother that he receives from his niece. He discusses whether or not he should go to the funeral, if there is one. (He lives in New England.)  I feel for him. Of course the pandemic has made this potential loss especially difficult. My cousin talks about how she has not been able to see her dad in person for almost a year. And now that he is in the hospital she has been able to see him but he is not very responsive.  I take my dad to visit his brother every year, usually in October, but of course we did not go last year. He hasn’t seen him in 18 months.  When you get to be 94 you lose a lot of people along the way.  That is the price for living a long life. Tragedy? No. A cause for grieving?  Definitely.


6 thoughts on “Grief at Any Age

  1. Losing anyone in your family causes the grief to overtake you, and in a time of covid, it can’t be easy to know that the goodbye has to be from afar. I am sending peace, love, and prayers to your uncle, to your cousin, and to your dad and you.


  2. This is a beautiful slice on grief being grief whether it’s tragedy or not. Keeping your dad in my thoughts. Being the last one in your nuclear family is definitely cause for grieving.


  3. It is never easy to lose someone you love! Yes, it is an honor to have such a long life, but there is a lot of loss that is experienced. Thinking of you and your family.


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