I think I’m going to a movie tomorrow. It seems weird to even say that.  My daughter invited us to go with her because her husband is working late.  We talked about it and then decided, why not?  After the movies we’ll get dinner. We will probably bring it back to the house (let’s not get carried away) but it sounds like the most normal, outgoing evening I have had in a year. I also got a text today from my friend who loves concerts of all kinds. She asked me if I would go to see Lady Gaga with her at Wrigley Field this summer. Um, yeah. If, by August we are at a place where Lady Gaga can perform at a venue of 30,000 people, I am there.

That light at the end of the tunnel may be getting a little brighter.


7 thoughts on “Normalcy?

  1. Let us know what your movie-going experience is like. How many people in the theater? Do you have to bring your own popcorn? Do you know what kind of air filtration system the theater has? I would dearly love to go to a movie theater for the big screen, but worried about those questions. My daughter has been to an indie theater in her neighborhood, and there were only two other people in the theater. Eerie.


    1. We went mid afternoon and we were the only ones in our particular theatre. The concession stand is open. You can take your mask off to eat. They seat every other row and they block out two seats on either side of you.


  2. Emily Dickison wrote about hope being “the thing with feathers.” These days, your take on hope as the thing with a movie in the theater and maybe a live summertime concert sounds delightful.


  3. Enjoy! I love that things are starting to get at least a little normal again. Going to a movie sounds great. It is crazy how long it has been. Have a great time, and I hope you see something good.


  4. I love that the light is getting a little bit brighter. I was just talking about the possibiity of going to the movies!!


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