Two Left Feet

Well we made it to Nebraska!  This is actually the 48th state I have visited; one of the other reasons I wanted to come here. My goal for a long time has been to visit all 50 states. We traveled all over the country when our kids were young and we made a pretty good dent in the country.  But we did not make it everywhere; there were a few states that we missed. Nebraska was one of them. The other two are Idaho and North Dakota. Pretty random but there are not a lot of major tourist attractions in either one.  We may knock those off this summer if we decide not to travel internationally.  The major problem I encountered today was a shoe issue. I love Sketchers; they are so comfortable and they are my go-to shoes when I know we will be doing a lot of walking. Tomorrow we are going to an air force museum outside of Omaha (Jeff’s idea, obviously) and I went into my suitcase to get out my comfy shoes so I would be ready for tomorrow.  Oops. I brought two left shoes; one of each of my favorite Sketchers.

Tomorrow will be a long day and hard on the feet.


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