Travel Rookie

We left on our trip to Nebraska this morning.  After not traveling for almost a year with the exception of one long weekend I realized that I have lost my touch. As empty nesters we have the luxury of being able to travel pretty much whenever we want to. I took for granted how good I had gotten at planning an itinerary, packing, arranging for cat sitters, and doing the errands that need to be completed before we go.  I feel much more anxious about leaving the house, bringing the right clothes (I am an over packer) and planning the trip so that we get to do everything we want to do.  The pandemic has been a pain in the neck but there is a huge comfort zone that I have been residing in for a year.

Time to climb out! 


2 thoughts on “Travel Rookie

  1. Isn’t that the truth? Although I like to travel and be out and about, the comfort of home that was forced upon us a year ago actually turned into a security blanket. Enjoy your trip!


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