What about Bob?

I went for a walk after dinner tonight and on my way back there was a woman I did not recognize walking down my street. I live on a small cul de sac so I at least know everyone by sight.  She was not a shy woman. She stopped me and said “I should introduce myself. I’m Lisa and Bob is my dad.”  Oh. Everyone knows Bob. He is the curmudgeon who lives at the bottom of the circle. He called the cops on us once because my daughter’s car was blocking the sidewalk.  Lisa told me that Bob has Covid and is in the hospital. He will then go to rehab and most likely assisted living after that. He wants to come home but that probably won’t work because he needs too much care now.  His wife had a stroke and died in his arms back in November so that’s been difficult too.  After I heard all of these things from Bob’s daughter I thought “Maybe I’ve been too hard on him.” Then she mentioned that he also can’t live at home because he drives all the caretakers away.

So maybe not so hard on him.


2 thoughts on “What about Bob?

  1. Oh Bob! It is ironic how we live so close and yet no only so many things about each other. Wishing Bob the best!


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