He is the alpha cat who keeps killing birds and has been grounded. Harry does whatever he wants to do and no compromise is accepted. Every night my husband goes to bed before me. I go upstairs about an hour later (he’s a morning person, I’m a night owl) and sure enough, Harry is sprawled across my side of the bed. And Harry doesn’t curl up, no sir. He lays stretched out as long as can be, as if to say “I dare you to move me. I am king.” But I do move him because even though I’m a night owl I eventually need to go to bed. So I pick him up as gently as I can and slide him over to the middle of the bed and lay him down again. But no, that is not where he wants to be. If he is not taking up my entire spot he is not happy. So he stands up, walks to the end of the bed, sits down and stares at me while I read.  Then he jumps down and saunters away, as if to say, I didn’t want to sleep on your stupid bed anyway.  


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