The Passage of Time

Our church has started gathering in person again.  It has been great; talk about your Zoom exhaustion. Zoom meetings at work all week and then a Zoom church service?  Ugh. So we are finally back in the building. And I noticed a couple of things.  Most of the adults I saw on Sunday look almost exactly the same. Sure, a year has passed but really, adults don’t change that much. Habits, personalities, quirks, body language; it’s all still there. 

My friend who talks kind of slowly and deliberately.  The woman who bustles around the building as if she has an important appointment. The ditzy lady who is easily confused.  The sweet, kind woman who has a smile for everyone. My friend who talks too much. It’s as if a year never went by.  And that is comforting.  But then there are the kids. As an educator and a mom I have always marked the passage of time by child milestones; what grade my kids were in, the start of summer, the beginning of a new school year, graduation from preschool, elementary, junior high and high school.  The kids at my church have really made it obvious that we have been apart for a year. They are taller, smarter, funnier, prettier and more mature. It is delightful to see them but also a little disturbing. This is what happens to kids whether or not we pay attention.

So let’s try to do just that.


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