To Be Live or Not to be Live?

I can’t decide if I like the virtual life or not.  Sometimes it’s great. Got a meeting?  Just sidle up to your computer, press join Zoom meeting, and there you go.  It’s nice not to have to get in the car and go to another building, walk down the hallway or drive to the city where a conference is being held.  People tend to show up more often and even be on time when meetings are virtual, or at least closer to it.  It’s easy to have multiple meetings in one day with different teams because I don’t have to factor in drive time.  So there are a lot of positives. But. There is definitely a down side.  I “attended” a two day conference recently and while it was really nice to stay home and do it, it was difficult to be motivated when all you have to look at is your screen. When you go to a conference you can people watch, you can walk around and collect all the free goodies they offer (pen, anyone?), you can go out to dinner with colleagues and even attend the happy hour that many conferences host. We are already talking about next year’s conference, which will be held in Orlando. I think after spending the last two days glued to my screen I’m ready for that.  


3 thoughts on “To Be Live or Not to be Live?

  1. It is nice to attend the virtual meetings, as I find them to go quick. I did attend a conference last week and I did not mind the virtual platform, as I was not distracted by all the “side chatter” you can hear at a conference. The downfall with virtual is that I miss seeing my colleagues and I miss networking with others at conferences.


  2. Who doesn’t love a free pen??? I agree, I miss the interaction with others. The virtal pieces can be very convenient!


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