A Vaccine Epidemic

There is a vaccine epidemic in my district.  Which is better than a covid pandemic but it still presents its own problems.  People have been getting vaccinated in groups and they are mostly in the same school. A principal will send out an email to his or her staff with a sign up for vaccinations. So of course multiple people sign up. Which sounds good until you think it through. They all go on the same day so we have to make sure there is enough coverage while they are all gone. Wednesday is still a remote day for us so many people go on that day. Which sounds good until you think it through. Many people get side effects and if they are sick enough they need to take the next day off. Then of course they need a second vaccine 3 or 4 weeks later.  Which sounds good until you think it through. People are much more likely to get side effects the second time around. So now we need coverage for the day they get the vaccine and for many, the day after.  And we have almost no subs because who wants to do that job for what it pays and risk getting Covid? Tomorrow is going to be interesting. I made a plan for several teacher aides I knew would be out getting a shot. Then I found out that a whole group of people in the same department received their vaccines today. One has already started running a fever and is out tomorrow. So now I have a plan B. If the dominoes keep falling tonight I guess it’s Plan C, (whatever that is….)

2 thoughts on “A Vaccine Epidemic

  1. Then on to plan D…. I’m so grateful people are getting it and I hope that the side effects are nominal!!


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