My Lovely Polish Cleaning Ladies

I have two Polish cleaning ladies who come every other week. They don’t speak much English; one is passable but communicating with the other one necessitates a rousing game of charades. They are both so sweet though and that comes through no matter the language. I work from home sometimes and occasionally it coincides with their visit. When they walk into the house my husband will tell them (loudly, because that’s how you speak to English language learners….) that they do not need to clean my office because I’m working in there. And they seem to understand. But about an hour after they start, I go downstairs to get a cup of coffee. I return and one of them is down on her hands and knees in my office cleaning the baseboards. She leaves, I work. About 20 minutes later I go to the bathroom. I return and she is wet mopping the floor under my desk. She leaves, I work. About a half hour later she comes in with the vacuum cleaner and nods at the area rug in the middle of the room. I nod my head. Sure, why not?

There is no keeping a good cleaning woman down!


3 thoughts on “My Lovely Polish Cleaning Ladies

  1. Haha! The same thing happened last week, here, when my husband came downstairs for a cup of coffee. The fastest of our two cleaning ladies was up the stairs in a flash, and the vacuum began to whir. No indeed, you can’t keep a good cleaning woman down!


  2. I LOVE this! Polish ladies are such hard workers! I was hoping to have a cleaning lady come twice a month at the start of the school year, then moved it to January, now I’m thinking I’ll be lucky if I find someone for August! Enjoy your clean working space!


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