Baking as Therapy

I have always enjoyed baking but being stuck in the house for so long has moved this activity into the obsession territory. Every week I have to bake something. I start on Monday perusing websites and cookbooks (yes, I still have some.) I also have this photo album that I use as a recipe book.  It contains recipes that I have found online and cut out, but more valuable to me are the recipes in there that have been given to me by friends. It’s a little like a scrapbook because I remember the person who gave me the recipe when I look through the book. But I digress.  The baking obsession is something that has saved me in many ways. It gives me a focus. What am I going to make? What ingredients do I need? When will I bake?  And most importantly, who is going to eat all of these baked goods?  (Sometimes just us, other times it is shared with others.)  There is a great satisfaction from putting ingredients together and getting an end result that is nice to look at and enjoyable to eat. I think it gives me a sense of control, to be honest. It also satisfies a creative outlet.  

It’s a great hobby until you eat all the product and can’t fit into your summer clothes!


5 thoughts on “Baking as Therapy

  1. I love how you keep all your recipes. A scrap book is such a great idea. Your recipes look delicious and I am sure they have made many people happy! And, don’t sweat the summer clothes – these look too good to pass up!


  2. I love that you realize that baking gives you a sense of control, especially during this last year where we didn’t have control over much! Your desserts look amazing!


  3. I just left a comment that I hadn’t seen a cookie post this year and then, voila! I stumbled upon your post. I love to bake too! And enjoy sharing the fruits of my labors with others.


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