Baseball is my favorite sport. I used to love to play it and now I just love to watch it.  Last year was a tough year to be a baseball fan. I waited so long for the season to start because it was delayed, and then when it did start it was almost unrecognizable. There were no fans, no hotdog vendors, no beer, no crowds wandering around Wrigleyville. It was sad.  And as much as I tried I could not get into the games.  Those empty stands, the fake crowd noises.  It looked like a kids’ game where no one shows up because the team is so bad.  And in my opinion the 60 game schedule de-legitimized the whole season.  How do you crown a World Series winner (and the Dodgers of all teams…..) if you only play a little more than a third of the games? Anyway, I have high hopes that this year will bring back a more traditional season for my beloved sport. 

Play ball!

4 thoughts on “Baseball

  1. I love baseball too! I played softball and love watching my son play… I can’t wait for the games to begin!!


  2. I love the honesty in this slice! And what a great comparison to a little kids’ game – this made me smile (in the midst of the depressing state of sports).


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