A Dog and her Partner

I went for a walk today. It was early and still chilly but the promise of spring was definitely in the air and it felt good to be outside.  As I walked I saw a woman and her dog ahead of me. The dog stopped to do her business and as she did she caught sight of me. She kept looking back at me and straining at her leash to walk towards me instead of walking ahead with her owner. As I got closer the woman looked back and saw what the dog was doing. I laughed and said “I’m not that interesting”!  She replied “She just lost her partner.”  I said “Oh she must be lonely!”  And the woman responded “Yes, she sure is.”

And we both went on our way.  And I started thinking about that little dog. She was mourning the loss of her partner.  She was looking back at her old life, where she had someone she loved. She was struggling to move forward, although with a little encouragement she eventually did.  Not unlike we humans when we suffer a loss or some kind of trauma. We look back and wish we had the life we used to have, or to see if someone or something is there to replace it. And then we realize that the only way out of our grief is forward. So we take that first step.

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