What to Wear (or not to wear)

I have a thing about clothes. It is really important to me to get it right, especially in a professional setting.  I also have some sensory issues and need to make sure that the clothes are somewhat comfortable.  And then there’s the weather, both outside and inside. It may be cold outside but I need to consider where I will be. Usually my office is cold but we have moved this year and it’s actually quite warm in my new space. My new space is in the district administrative building so there are a lot of bigwigs wandering around. So that’s a new consideration. I don’t want the superintendent to think I just rolled out of bed.  But then there’s the pandemic, a factor I never foresaw in my clothing dilemma. When we were in remote learning everyone dressed down because there were no students in the building. Now kids are back. So I feel like I should up my game a little bit. But there is a feeling of casualness and unpredictability to this year that makes me less inclined to really dress up. I think spending so much time at home has contributed to this mindset and I am kind of digging it.  But I have a lot of clothes that I bought so that I would be able to look professional at all times without repeating outfits too often and now I’m not wearing them as much. So I look in my closet and think, “I should be wearing all this stuff.” When I take into consideration the weather, my mood and these “unprecedented times”, I sometimes end up changing 2 or 3 times in the morning.

And some people think they have problems.

7 thoughts on “What to Wear (or not to wear)

  1. You’re too funny! I always think you dress VERY professionally. I feel like a bum next to you.
    I don’t believe in sacrificing comfort for style…life’s too short to wear heels every day.
    The gym shoes with dress pants style icon 🤣


  2. Do guys have this much trouble? I hear you loud and clear. Whenever I run or ran late to school, it was because of changing clothes. As silly as it sounds, a well-fitted and current outfit can give me the confidence I need to teach, lead, and be.


  3. Haha! It is so hard to select an outfit with all of those factors! I would want to look my best over there too!!


  4. I feel your pain! I have gotten dressed, gotten in the car and gotten back out to go change because there is no way I could wear an outfit for 10 hours when it’s already uncomfortable for the first 30 seconds of sitting in it. This pandemic has not helped me one bit!


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