Content with the Content

I told my husband the other day that the TV show Dexter is returning after several years for a 9th season. We watched every episode of that series in complete and utter horror and fascination.  I thought he would be excited. He gave me a skeptical look and said “I don’t know if we need to watch it. There is so much other content out there now.”  Oh, excuse me.  Although he does make a good point. A show that was exciting to us a few years ago might now seem tame in light of all the other options out there.  And a few years ago the shows that were out there seemed exciting in light of the limited options that had come before it.  I know we’ve basically been in lock down for a year but you couldn’t even come close to scratching the surface of the shows on Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, Apple TV and Disney Plus, never mind the actual networks.  It’s a common topic to discuss these days; what are you watching and what “platform” is it on?  Too much TV?  Perhaps, but it has probably saved a lot of us from certain insanity and anything that gives us a common topic to chat about and rally around can’t be all bad. 

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