Adults wear onesies too

One of my favorite times of day is at around 8:00, at least in the winter.  I have finished a day of work, made and eaten dinner, cleaned up the kitchen, made my lunch for the next day and completed any other chores I need to do.  Then, it’s time for my bathrobe.  I love my bathrobe. The softer and more comfortable the better.  I have had many incarnations of the bathrobe. I have light weight ones for summer, medium weight ones for fall and spring and of course warm, cozy ones for winter.  I usually have more than one in each weight so that if one is being washed I don’t have to worry about not having one ready to go at night.  My husband calls it my “onesie” because I prefer the ones that zip up the front instead of the ones that tie.  (They don’t gape open when I sit down.) During the pandemic I have come to appreciate my bathrobe even more.  There is a sense of comfort that I derive from slipping into something familiar, something that I know will be there waiting for me, that will envelope me in softness and do its job, no matter what else is going in the world.  I can count on it and that is saying something these days.

8 thoughts on “Adults wear onesies too

  1. Ahh, comfort clothes! I love your onesie slice. I have a uniform that my family loves to tease me about: a fleece zip up vest that I wear with my sweats. Comfy, cozy, reliable:)


  2. The zip up robes totally remind me of my grandma!
    My best friend recently got a zip up one and I teased her about it until I borrowed it one day when I was visiting and man you are both right.. it is great. No coming undone and comfy!!


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