Dancing Nuns and Cat Lawyers

So just when you begin to despair of the pandemic you run across a video of the Redemptoristine nuns performing a dance in their monastery. What makes this video especially enjoyable is that these nuns are the real deal. They restrict their access to the outside world and devote their lives to prayer. They made this video as a way to “cheer people up” and it certainly worked for me. You can’t help but smile when these plain, often portly women wearing habits, crosses and sensible black shoes start dancing in the hallways of their monastery in the backwoods of Ireland.  There are even a few priests who get in on the action. It’s heartwarming  and adorable. And then there’s the cat lawyer. An attorney from Texas who was in virtual court and had a cat filter on his screen.  He couldn’t figure out how it got there or how to get it off.   He kept telling the judge “I’m not a cat”, as if the judge couldn’t figure that out.  It was hysterical.  And the cat kept moving its eyes and mouth when the guy talked. 

Humor will get us through.

13 thoughts on “Dancing Nuns and Cat Lawyers

  1. The morning this happened with the lawyer, I texted my brother – a techie – to send me the directions to turn myself into a cat for Zoom. While I didn’t want to pay the fees for getting the bells and whistles, I figured that someone had the right idea. Cats are very Zoomlike creatures who thrive in virtual settings. We should all be cats.

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  2. I couldn’t stop watching the Cat Lawyer. It was a much-needed laugh during these crazy times! Thank you for reminding me — I laughed all over again.

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  3. With a title like Dancing Nuns and Cat Lawyers, how could I resist? We have cats. and my daughter’s a lawyer, so of course I knew what the cat lawyer would be. Dancing Nuns were the special treat to add to my pick-me-up video list. Turns out these are not the only nuns dancing on YouTube either…not even the only Redemptorist nuns. Just the best known ones. Thank you for sharing them.

    I’m partial to the Elephant News channel and the guy who plays the piano for them.


  4. I love scrolling through the daily slices and looking for interesting titles to read. “Dancing Nuns and Cat Lawyers” wins for this week, hands down! I had seen the cat lawyer and laughed myself silly, but now I have to search out the dancing nuns!


  5. I love the title, too — It certainly got my attention! I’ve also seen the cat lawyer video, and yes it’s hilarious. 🙂 The dancing nuns? That one I’ll have to look up. I agree, we need the humor! ~JudyK 🙂

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  6. I love it! Humor will definitely get us through, otherwise we will just hand each other some kleenex! LOL


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