Soup’s on

On my quest to try out new recipes during “shelter in place” I decided to make soup today. I am strictly a cold weather soup person; don’t even talk to me about eating it in July. But today was cold (and eventually snowy) so it was a perfect day to try a new soup recipe. I decided on squash soup because I love it and have never actually made it before. I ran to Jewel and got the ingredients and then I was off.  Sautee butter, onions, marjoram, nutmeg (my addition), pepper. Check. Then I added the squash cubes (it’s homemade soup but I’m not cutting up a whole squash). Check. Cook until the squash is soft. Check. Now here’s the tricky part. Add cream cheese (I never said this would be a low fat soup) and use a food processor or blender to make it smooth. I have this thing about trying to take the easy way and get the same result when I cook. I will do the it the hard way if I have to but if I can find a short cut I will. So first I tried a potato masher. Nope. Didn’t even come close to making it smooth.  Then I tried a hand mixer. Nope. And, the squash was still stringy and it got all twisted around the beater blades. OK so maybe they were right about the food processor. I got mine out but it’s got a very small capacity, which is why I didn’t want to use it in the first place. So I started pouring a little bit at a time into the processor and turning it on. Boom. Blended up real good. Perfect consistency. I got so into blending, pouring, blending, pouring that I dropped the food processor bowl when it was full. It bounced on the counter and squash soup went everywhere. And I do mean everywhere. Coffee maker, toaster oven, backsplash, counter, cabinets, floor.  This is normally something that would send me through the roof. It was a serious mess. But my first thought was, “Well I have plenty of time to clean this up. And my counter, cabinets and backsplash all could use a good scrubbing.” That was a silver lining if ever there was one.  

And the soup, what was left of it, was delicious.

3 thoughts on “Soup’s on

  1. OMG Susan! I would have lost it! I was annoyed that I hand scrubbed the floor and then decided to pull EVERYTHING out of my pantry… I should have done that first! LOL I am glad that you had at least enough t


  2. I love the phrase pouring, blending, pouring, blending. The repetition lends itself to making the reader feel caught up in the process as well – and then just as surprised as you probably were when it bowl fell! Glad you still had some left over!


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