The human spirit

Jeff and I love to eat at the bar when we go to restaurants.  We only do it when it’s just the two of us; sitting at a bar with 3 or 4 people does not work well for conversational purposes but with two it’s perfect. It sometimes enables us to sit more quickly when there is a wait for a table and we can also enjoy a game that is usually on the TV above the bar.  

Last night of course we could not visit our favorite pizza restaurant and sit at the bar. So we ordered a pizza for pick up. Jeff went and got it. Then he made us a couple of drinks and we sat at the “bar” at our kitchen island and ate our pizza. He even dimmed the lights to make it more bar like.  Somehow we were able to recreate a favorite outing of ours right in our home.  

It made me think about the resiliency of the human spirit.  People are taking a pretty crappy situation and making the best of it.  Many, many people are out walking, even in the cold and rain. We went to Home Depot this morning and it was quite busy. I realized that people are taking this opportunity to fix up their houses and finish all of those home improvement projects they have been putting off forever.  Several of my friends have told me that they are trying new recipes. A couple of elderly women at our church are using the time to knit prayer shawls. My daughters are doing 1000 piece jigsaw puzzles.  

If you had told me a month ago that we would be in this position of course I would not have believed it. But what has been even more surprising to me is the way people have dealt with it.  I don’t hear a lot of complaining or whining. What I see is people being creative about how to endure and even thrive during a really difficult time. I mean, even Kylie Jenner has gone on Instagram and told people to stay home.  She says she is watching TV and doing puzzles as well as spending quality time with her daughter. 

Even beneath all that make up and cosmetic surgery there lies a human spirit.

3 thoughts on “The human spirit

  1. Well said. I love that you recreated your date night. I may have to try that out! It’s really is amazing what the gift of time can do. I have been outside with my kids every single day rain or shine, warm or chilly. I have seen people out walking and running at all times of the day. And not just people, families. This evening my husband and three kids were out in the backyard and all I could hear was constant laughter. For such a terrible situation there is something good here.


  2. I love the sarcasm at the end 🙂 And I love this post. It is amazing and sad at the same time that it takes tragedy and world pandemics to make our world slow down, to show kindness, to appreciate all we have. I am usually someone who is stir crazy when I have an open weekend, but I am loving this. I still want to get back to work, but not to keep busy. I want to get back because I miss all of the connection I have, the human interaction. For now though, I am definitely loving the loving spirit I am seeing everywhere!


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