Finding the Rainbow

Today was the last day of my Internal University course. This time I was the instructor instead of the student. I’ve never taught a class of my peers before.  I did not want to do this for a variety of reasons. I don’t mind getting up in front of people and speaking but I didn’t feel very comfortable with the material. I was asked to do it by my boss and it’s hard to say no to your boss. (Especially when you are non-tenured and still have one more formal observation to get through….)  The topic was on a new IEP goal writing initiative. Since we are all just learning it I didn’t feel like I had any expertise to share. This was more a case of the blind leading the blind. So I persevered and created a pretty powerpoint (thinking that might distract the students from the content or lack thereof.) I reread the book and met with my co-teacher to plan out the week’s activities. I learned how to use Google classroom, sort of.   And I discovered two things. One: you can do something that is out of your comfort zone if you put your mind to it and in the end it’s usually not as bad as you feared it might be. Two: people are so interesting. I got a chance to get to know some of the people in the district that I have not worked with very much and I really enjoyed that. So as I sit here rejoicing in finishing something that I didn’t really want to do I realized that sometimes that’s not the point.  Sometimes you have to look for the rainbow. 

3 thoughts on “Finding the Rainbow

  1. Life is definitely about finding the rainbow! I have no doubt that your class went well and that everyone came out a little bit more knowledgeable. The district is constantly changing, no matter what role you are in, I am sure everyone feels better knowing we all feel the same way!


  2. Congrats on finishing your first class as an instructor. I also love teaching IUs because I like meeting people from around the district that I may otherwise have not gotten to know. Now you’re primed to teach another one.


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