Sunday School Sweetness

I teach Sunday School at our church. I have done this for more years than I can count.  Since I don’t actually teach in my real job anymore I crave that contact with children. Here is one reason why. 

Our church is fairly casual; anything goes in terms of wardrobe.  However, I have a hard time wearing jeans to church. I don’t judge others who do, it’s just not me. So I wear casual work clothes.  And I often wear this pair of patent leather shoes with low heels that are extremely comfortable but really dress up an outfit. Today a mom of one of my students tells me that her daughter Eliza, age 4, found a pair of black patent leather heels in her mom’s closet. She exclaimed “Those are just like Ms. Susan’s shoes. I want to wear those! I love Ms. Susan!  I want to be just like her when I grow up!”

Enough said.

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